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Massage oil -100ml packing

Massage oil with skin friendly medicines to relax the body and reduce the pain .Can be used daily before taking bath.

Hair grow oil - 100ml / 50ml packing

Oil made of hair nourishing ingredients which has to be applied to hair roots after warming the oil.Can be used daily for better results.

Face glow oil -100ml / 50ml packing

Oil for nourishing the face,give tightness to skin,reduces the blemishes and give instant glow to face.

Face pack powder - 30 gm packing

Take some powder mix it with water and apply to face daily for half an hour.Wash the face by gently scrubbing the face.Give youthfull look and glow to face.

Face glow serum 10 ml packing

Anti Acne serum 10ml packing

Whitening face Cream

Night cream to apply on face for whitening of face,to reduce blemishes and dark circles around eyes.

Complete face Care

(with Face glow oil,face glow serum,face glow pack)

Netra Raksha eye drops

To reduce stress and strain of eyes from constant use of computers, reading,mobile usage.A purely Ayurvedic Medicine in the era of technology to soothe your eyes.

Sight eye drops

To improve the clarity of vision

Slim oil

To reduce the body fat.Warm the oil and gently apply to over fatty areas like thighs,abdomen etc.Better results when applied before a work out session.

Slimming Tea

For reducing body fat .To be consumed daily twice.

Breast Oil (BT oil)

A solution for sagging of breast.To be applied to breasts after warming the oil and give a gentle massage.

PB Oil (Penis strengthening oil)

To be applied over penis daily at night to increase the strength of your penis.

Hair grow serum

To be applied to hair roots to reduce the hair loss and increase hair growth.

Immuno modulater Tea

To improve the immunity of the body to fight against diseases.

Hair Care shampoo

To reduce the dandruff,to give strength to hair roots.This shampoo has to be applied to hair and hair roots and washed after leaving it for 5 minutes.

Body glow herbal soap

Note – All medicines are prepared by Doctors and are subject to availability.

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