Marmas are defined in Ayurveda by susruthacharya, father of surgery. Some diseases can be cured or controlled by this treatment or method in Marmas. Marma anatomically is where muscles, veins, ligaments, bones and joints meet together. All marmas are sensitive areas. They are 107 in number. This kind of massage using Ayurvedic medicines and massage techniques is almost unique to Kerala. This massage is for strength and rejuvenation. By stimulating these vital points, physical strength and working of nervous system can be improved. Marma massage Massage at this vital point should be done carefully. It is preferably done by using thumb only. Marma therapy by herbal paste It is treatment by applying herbal paste. It is very useful to reduce swelling and pain if applied over proper Marma area. They give strength and stability to bones and joints by applying in specific area. Marma and accupressure Acupressure is a method of treatment by applying pressure in specific body area points (vital points). Marma and martial arts Martial arts of kerala like kalari payattu are based on science of Marma. The internal organs can be stimulated and treated by this. Marma in sexology Marma science can also be made used to increase vigor and strength of sexual pleasure. It has been said in vatsyana’s Kamasutra about marma massage to increase sexual pleasure. Please visit us or get in touch with us for detailed information about the various Marma techniques and health packages.