Alga Ayurveda those who take treatment with us, their karma is reduced to that extend. We are in the field of treatment for more than a decade, have cured and recovered satisfied patients all over the world in various diseases. We do the treatments with the help of The Lord Shiva, The father of Gods ,The Creator of Universe. We do curative treatment for our patients with the help of Ayurveda, Siddha, Marma and healing methods Reiki, magnified healing, Asthrayana healing, very traditional methods. Our specialties include pain management and obesity management.


To be the best solution provider in health care internationally by means of ayurveda and healing methods.


Health is the greatest wealth and nothing is of use when there is no health. We have to ensure that no citizen should be devoid of good health needlessly, if by reasonable disposition of skill and resources, his physical, mental, social and spiritual health can be restored.We take out the negativity from your body and mind, cleances you and thereby help you to live healthy and think positive.

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