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Alga Ayurveda Established in the year 2001 .

We aim at providing preventive and curative ayurvedic treatments to humanity.In this era of fast life we have both physical and mental stress from our personal life and work life which results in different type of diseases like pain soreness etc affecting our body and mind.We at Alga Ayurveda with Ayurvedic treatments helps to reduce and cure these ailments.

We do the treatments with the help of The Lord Shiva, The father of Gods ,The Creator of Universe. 


To be the best solution provider in health care industry Nationally and Internationally by means of Ayurveda and Healing methods.


Health is the greatest wealth and nothing is of use when there is no health. We have to ensure that no citizen should be devoid of good health needlessly, if by reasonable disposition of skill and resources, his physical, mental, social and spiritual health can be restored.

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